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reading logs with emacspeak

As you suggest in a later message a minor mode for log files
would be convenient 
I look forward to using it when you've written it.

In the meantime here are a couple of other suggestions 
that can coexist or supercede your current trick of cutting
and pasting rectangles:

1) Use emacspeak's dictionary facilities and ability to
define pronunciations 
that are local to a buffer in cutting down chatter.
This is especially useful when you are looking through many
similar log lines.

2) Do you know about forms-mode?
If not study it. See the forms-passwd.el in the emacs
distribution for an example.

It should be trivial to write a log-messages.el 
that parses a given log file format and displays each line
as a formatted record.

>>>>> "bart" == bart bunting <bart@socs.uts.edu.au> writes:

    bart> hi, i've got a question for all you emacspeak
    bart> users out there.

    bart> what do people do when they want to read a log
    bart> file.  something that has a long date on the left
    bart> with a message on the right.  for example the
    bart> files in /var/log

    bart> what have people found to be the best approach for
    bart> this.

    bart> i simply cut out the rectangle containing the
    bart> dates, but this removes the date information.  it
    bart> allows me to quickly arrow through the messages,
    bart> but when i want to know the date asociated with a
    bart> message it is no good.

    bart> any suggestions?

    bart> table mode doesn't seem to work that well for
    bart> files in this format.  sometimes it splits the
    bart> message into several columns.

    bart> Bart

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