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Tabs and spaces in Eterm

My Linux system, running Emacspeak, has finally been connected to the
network, albeit temporarily (the problem involves certain local network
cables having been cut earlier this year, which are now being repaired,
and the availability of a temporarily unused room, over the summer in
which I can establish a connection).

Here is one problem which I have noticed. For the moment, before I
configure the Emacs mail software, I am using Eterm and telnet to connect
to my Unix account. As I type into this editor, tab characters are
occasionally inserted into the running text when I press space. Emacs
20.3, Emacspeak 9.0, the host containing my account is running OS/MP which
is similar to SunOS).

Any suggestions would be much appreciated.

I plan to configure VM and make some arrangement with POP or IMAP to have
my mail transferred. This may have to wait until the aforementioned
network cables are fixed, whereupon I will be able to connect on a regular
basis I hope. The system on which my account resides unfortunately has
only a very old version of Emas installed, so remote sessions will be out
of the question until an upgrade can be organized.



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