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Re: Multiple Emacspeak sessions

>>>>> "Jason" == Jason White <jasonw@ariel.ucs.unimelb.EDU.AU> writes:


    Jason> I recognize that the main purpose behind the
    Jason> proposal to rewrite the speech server as a
    Jason> network application is to avoid the conflict
    Jason> between auditory icons and MBROLA. Might this
    Jason> also, nonetheless, provide an opportunity to
    Jason> develop the speech server so that a single server
    Jason> can handle several simultaneously running
    Jason> Emacspeak sessions, buffering the output of one
    Jason> while the output from another is being sent to
    Jason> the speech device? Emacspeak would then check for
    Jason> the existence of a running server upon loading,
    Jason> and start it if necessary.

Jason-- you're confused.
The emacspeak speech server is *already* "network enabled"
--so let's not use that particular buzz word 
for this case.

Starting a single server that serves all emacspeak instances
is no different conceptually 
than having one speech server per session because in the
former case, the single server instance would have to spawn
threads one per connecting session.
The problem is not so much the speech server buffering the
input  --it already does this--
the problem is that the first thing Emacspeak needs to do
whenever it sends out speech is to first flush previously
ongoing speech. This is *absolutely* necessary to keep the
system responsive, and I do not see a way around it.

Even if the server checked to see if "someone else was
before flushing ongoing speech, the moment you implemented a
solution like that there would be an immediate need to make
the server "intelligent" about deciding whom to interrupt
and whom not to interrupt --all in all it's just a long
slippery slope that leads nowhere.

    Jason> Perhaps these ideas are a little far-fetched,
    Jason> however. They would involve applying the
    Jason> networking feature to all versions of the server,
    Jason> not just the MBROLA version.

Again, don't confuse networking with this issue those are separate.

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