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Re: processor question

Personally, I would'nt use the k6 chips. I don't know how well they
work with linux now, but I do remember a couple of years ago you
needed to apply specific patches to the linux kernel to get linux to
work properly with these chips. Knowing linux, this problem has
probably been overcome, but I prefer to stick to intel chips - I don't
even like Cyrix. 

You could try checking the homepage for the linux distribution you
plan to use to see if they have any detailed information. For example,
redhat use to maintain a hardware compatibility page which listed
hardware that was know to work well and some that was best avoided. I
think a few other distributions maintain similar pages. It may also be
worth checking out a few of the linux kernel information sites like -


Jude Dashiell writes:
> Have any list members tried a K6 or K62 processor chip in their computers
> using
> emacspeak and a speech synthesizer running Linux and been successful with
> this combination?
> For those that don't know, K6 and K62 are Intel and Sirix competitors.
> I could have one of these installed but the installer doesn't want to have
> to
> repeat the installation job if these chips don't work.  He's interested in
> getting everything right the
> first time or as close to that goal as possible.
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> jude <jdashiel@clark.net>
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