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Configuring VM for optimal spoken feedback under Emacspeak

A search of the mailing list archives revealed very little discussion
of this topic, though perhaps I somehow missed it.

I am trying to configure vm 6.61 to work effectively with Emacspeak
9.0. Firstly, I set vm-inhibit-startup-message, in an effort to
prevent vm from displaying, and Emacspeak from reading, this 
startup information. Unfortunately, Emacspeak still reads the startup
message, inconveniently while I am already browsing mail. This is a
minor problem, however.

Secondly, I noticed that after having pressed space to display the
content of a message, and again to move to the second page, Emacspeak
actually re-reads a large portion of the first page of the
message. There is often considerable overlap when scrolling. I tried
setting vm-mutable-windows to nil, thereby preventing the message from
being displayed in a separate window. This helped a little, as point
is now placed at the start of the message body, once the content is
displayed. However, this is not an optimal solution; I would rather
correct the scrolling problem and have Emacspeak read the message
without the overlap.

Third problem: when I cycle voice lock mode off and then back on while
reading a message in vm, in an attempt to make the audio highlighting
work better, Emacspeak sometimes returns an error. When this happens
again, I will set debug-on-error and report the problem more fully.



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