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Immediate silencing emacspeak

Please be specific about what buffer and major mode you're
seeing this in, what version of Emacs, what version of
emacspeak etc.
Even better, use  C-e C-b from the buffer where the problem occurs.
>>>>> "Lawrence" == Lawrence Baggett <baggett@euclid.Colorado.EDU> writes:

    Lawrence> I am having difficulty silencing emacspeak
    Lawrence> immediately.  When I use c-e s, the speech
    Lawrence> usually stops instantly.  However, it seems
    Lawrence> sometimes that the dectalk gets a full buffer
    Lawrence> and refuses to stop speaking for a very long
    Lawrence> time.  Surely there must be a total flush
    Lawrence> command that I have not yet learned about.
    Lawrence> Can someone set me right?  Thanks.

    Lawrence> Larry Baggett

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