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Re: Problems with emacspeak v 9.0

sounds like you're being bit by a bug in emacspeak-9.0. if you arent
using linux and your dectalk isnt on /dev/ttyS0, emacspeak isnt
happy. Raman posted a patch to this list and you can find a slightly modified
version of it in my emacspeak-9.0 rpms--if you grok rpms that is.

the firmware you have is the latest (4.2cd, dont let the 4.3a fool
you, it was released earlier.)


p.s. anyone who is interested can find
emacspeak-9.0-2.{noarch,src}.rpm on contrib.redhat.com and

> I have installed emacspeak version 9.0 on my solaris system.  When I started
> the tcl with dtk-exp loaded I got the startup message just fine.  However,
> when I executed the command q { this is a test}; d
> I heard most of the text spoken but then I got the error message "Error in
> string value".  I seem to remember that this is usually an indication that I
> do not have the latest firmware.  Unfortunately, since emacspeak isn't
> owrking right now, I can't get my firmware version from that handy key
> coard.  If memory serves, I believe that it is 42CD, but I'm not sure that
> memory served me this time.  I'll check that on my emacspeak at home.  I did
> notice that I got a loud squeel sometimes when caps lock mode was on and I
> encoutered a lot of caps together.  Also I noticed that I heard space when I
> cursored over an apostraphy sign and then I heard apostrophy spoken.  I have
> changed machines at home, and I would appreciate the URL for downloading the
> firmware for the dectalk, if that's the thing to do.  
> After I got the error message, things hung up.  The version of TCL here is
> 7.5, is that about right?  
> When I run the old dtk-exp script in the tcl that came with emacspeak ver 7,
> All is well.  BTW, the characters are not echoed to the screen when I load
> the dtk-exp script and the prompts are indented about a tab stop width to
> the right.  The characters are echoed correctly in the tcl session with the
> dtk-exp from ver 7, why is this?    

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