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Problems with advice on save buffer

I've noticed a strangeness with emacspeak's prompting to save files on
exit. If there are multiple modified buffers when you go to exit
emacs, the save message gets mixed up and repeates the message for the
first bufferr twice rather than each buffer. 

For exampole, if I have three modified buffers and enter C-x C-c I
will get  the messages asking if you want to save each buffer. The
contents displayed in the mini-buffer are correct,
but the message from emacspeak will repeat the prompt for the first
buffer when the minibuffer is asking about the second buffer. The
third buffer will be correct (I have not tried it with 4 buffers yet).-

I'm running emacs 20.2, emacspeak 9.0 on a RedHat 5.1 system under X
windows (running afterstep WM). Now that I'm aware of this its not a
problem, but was wondering if anyone else has noticed similar


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