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Problems with advice on save buffer

I noticed this quite a while ago, but fixing it is hard and
I was too lazy.>>>>> "Tim" == Tim Cross <tcross@tim.northnet.com.au> writes:

    Tim> I've noticed a strangeness with emacspeak's
    Tim> prompting to save files on exit. If there are
    Tim> multiple modified buffers when you go to exit
    Tim> emacs, the save message gets mixed up and repeates
    Tim> the message for the first bufferr twice rather than
    Tim> each buffer.

    Tim> For exampole, if I have three modified buffers and
    Tim> enter C-x C-c I will get the messages asking if you
    Tim> want to save each buffer. The contents displayed in
    Tim> the mini-buffer are correct, but the message from
    Tim> emacspeak will repeat the prompt for the first
    Tim> buffer when the minibuffer is asking about the
    Tim> second buffer. The third buffer will be correct (I
    Tim> have not tried it with 4 buffers yet).-

    Tim> I'm running emacs 20.2, emacspeak 9.0 on a RedHat
    Tim> 5.1 system under X windows (running afterstep
    Tim> WM). Now that I'm aware of this its not a problem,
    Tim> but was wondering if anyone else has noticed
    Tim> similar behavior.

    Tim> Tim

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