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Dolphin / Juno speech synthesizer configuration


This is not strictly speaking an emacspeak question, but maybe some
of you have answers or pointers to help us solve this problem: a friend 
of mine is blind and has purchased a Toshiba laptop recently to replace a 
previous DOS laptop. He has a dolphin/juno speech synthesizer which is 
connected to the serial port. Before trying to (maybe) make this work 
with emacspeak we are simply trying to produce speech from Linux with 
this configuration, and then we'll write a basic elisp program to read 
the screen from emacs so that he can be up and running to work.
However we haven't been able to make the Dolphin speak. It seems to be a 
question of using stty to correctly set the serial port parameters, 
but the available documentation is not very good and our experience with 
the finer details of the serial port config is zero. With DOS it was a 
simple 8N1 - 9600 configuration that could easily be obtained with a MODE 
So : does anyone know the correct stty command to make the speech 
synthesizer work ? Or does anyone have an idea how we could best try to 
get this information ?

As a subsidiary, we'll try to use MBROLA with a text-to-speech package, 
but for this we need a kernel with sound (/dev/dsp)
support and there are some IRQ conflicts apparently. So any pointer on 
where to get information on the correct settings would also be useful (I 
think the laptop is a Toshiba 1400 DCS or something like that).

Thanks in advance for any help !

	Emmanuel Kowalski

PS Please send replies also directly to my friend's e-mail address:

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