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Re: Dolphin / Juno speech synthesizer configuration

Emmanuel -

The Dolphin Apollo has a truly unique kind of hardware flow control,
which caused me quite a bit of trouble.  Also, I believe the
terminology in their documentation is backwards: when they say "raise"
a line, they mean "assert", which is actually a *lower* voltage.
However, I got it working.  The latest emacspeak-ss package has a
working speech server for the Apollo.  You can get it from the blinux
ftp site or here:


			 - Jim Van Zandt

>Date: Mon, 11 Jan 1999 10:21:28 -0500 (EST)
>From: Emmanuel Kowalski <ekowalsk@math.Princeton.EDU>
>This is not strictly speaking an emacspeak question, but maybe some
>of you have answers or pointers to help us solve this problem: a friend 
>of mine is blind and has purchased a Toshiba laptop recently to replace a 
>previous DOS laptop. He has a dolphin/juno speech synthesizer which is 
>connected to the serial port. Before trying to (maybe) make this work 
>with emacspeak we are simply trying to produce speech from Linux with 
>this configuration, and then we'll write a basic elisp program to read 
>the screen from emacs so that he can be up and running to work.
>However we haven't been able to make the Dolphin speak. It seems to be a 
>question of using stty to correctly set the serial port parameters, 
>but the available documentation is not very good and our experience with 
>the finer details of the serial port config is zero. With DOS it was a 
>simple 8N1 - 9600 configuration that could easily be obtained with a MODE 
>So : does anyone know the correct stty command to make the speech 
>synthesizer work ? Or does anyone have an idea how we could best try to 
>get this information ?
>As a subsidiary, we'll try to use MBROLA with a text-to-speech package, 
>but for this we need a kernel with sound (/dev/dsp)
>support and there are some IRQ conflicts apparently. So any pointer on 
>where to get information on the correct settings would also be useful (I 
>think the laptop is a Toshiba 1400 DCS or something like that).
>Thanks in advance for any help !
>	Emmanuel Kowalski
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