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Re: What Linux distribution works best with Emacspeak?

Most linux (all?) come with emacs and so it makes little difference -
emacspeak is very easy to install and get running. If you have friends
who are running linux, I think its best to use the same distribution
they are using as then its easier to get help if you need it.

Personally, I like redhat and debian because of the package management
stuff. I use to use slackware which was OK, but upgradeing to new
versions was a lot more work. 

Matthew Campbell writes:
> Hello,
> I have a friend who is seriously considering Linux, and we have not
> decided what Linux distribution to use.  I know a lot of the software is
> the same regardless of the Linux distribution being used, but I also know
> some things are different, such as installing and removing software.  I
> would like some information from people who use Emacspeak about which
> distribution they use and how well it works for them.  In particular, it
> seems to me that Red Hat may not be a good choice, because its strength
> seems to be its graphical installation and administration tools, which
> naturally wouldn't work with Emacspeak.  But how well do Slackware and
> Debian's menu-based programs (for example, dselect in Debian and pkgtool
> in Slackware) work with Emacspeak?  Or does everyone here use the command
> line-oriented programs (such as dpkg in Debian and rpm in Red Hat)?
> Thank you,
> Matt Campbell
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