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What Linux distribution works best with Emacspeak?


I have a friend who is seriously considering Linux, and we have not
decided what Linux distribution to use.  I know a lot of the software is
the same regardless of the Linux distribution being used, but I also know
some things are different, such as installing and removing software.  I
would like some information from people who use Emacspeak about which
distribution they use and how well it works for them.  In particular, it
seems to me that Red Hat may not be a good choice, because its strength
seems to be its graphical installation and administration tools, which
naturally wouldn't work with Emacspeak.  But how well do Slackware and
Debian's menu-based programs (for example, dselect in Debian and pkgtool
in Slackware) work with Emacspeak?  Or does everyone here use the command
line-oriented programs (such as dpkg in Debian and rpm in Red Hat)?

Thank you,
Matt Campbell

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