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Emacspeak and XEmacs?

Hello. I seem to remember reading quite a while back that Emacspeak
would (Or, should?) run under XEmacs.

Since I have some vision (Some color and image perception) I wanted to
try getting XEmacs up, hoping that it would enable W3 to fetch
backgrounds and images. However, I would like the images to download
and display for other reasons; some pages use fonts and images for
mathematical symbols, and if I need someone's assistance, it is much
easier to point to a screen with symbols on it, instead of a screen
with, say, [img-0001] where the symbol should be. :) But, I'll get
back to the point.

I'm using the Debian emacspeak package, which appears to just store
the elisp files without compiling them. Thus, I assumed that all I
would need to do to run Emacspeak under XEmacs would be to change the
startup script to call xemacs instead of emacs. I thus copied
/usr/bin/emacspeak into ~/bin/xemacspeak, made the modification, and
tried to run it.

Needless to say it didn't work. (If it did, I wouldn't be writing the
list. :) Shortly into the load process, xemacs beeps and no speech is
heard. So, I used -batch to get a rough idea of what is happening, and
turned up this rather vague error message:
Loading emacspeak...
Invalid read syntax: "#"
XEmacs exiting.
Exit 255

So, I have two questions. First, is there any possible way that I can
provide additional information? This is with Emacspeak 9.0 and xemacs
20.4. I wish I could understand the error message, but it seems fairly
windows-ish in the amount of detail which it provides. :)

Furthermore, are there any Emacs/XEmacs lisp incompatibilities which
may be causing this? Since none of the files are byte-compiled, that
shouldn't be an issue... But, it is quite possible that I'm missing
something. :)

                                           Nolan Darilek
                                           ICQ: 15709478

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