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Re: Emacspeak and XEmacs?

I have also tried to get Emacspeak working with XEmacs, also under Debian.
I chose not to use the Debian emacspeak package, since it depends on
emacs20 (the GNU Emacs 20 package) and is compiled for GNU Emacs.
Instead, I downloaded the original Emacs 9.0 distribution, modified the
Makefile to use xemacs instead of emacs for compiling, and did the regular
'make config', 'make', and 'make install'.  Then I modified the emacspeak
script to start xemacs instead of emacs.  It didn't work.  In interactive
mode, I got an error like 'Error loading thingatpt'.  I found that GNU
Emacs has an elisp file called thingatpt, which XEmacs doesn't have.
XEmacs probably has something equivalent uner a different name, but I
don't have XEmacs installed now, so I can't say exactly what it is.


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