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Trouble with the accent synthesizer

I have successfully installed the
"other synthesizer" program emacspeak-ss.5,
and I am running emacspeak using the accent speech synthesizer.
I think I only have one problem, and that is that
I cannot control the speech rate of the accent.
The usual commands "c-ed1-9" and "c-edr" respond and claim to have
set the speech rate to what I type, but there is no difference
in the accent's rate.
I have tried sending accent escape commands to the serial port without any success.
So, I have two questions:
1.  Is there a way I don't know about to change the accent's speech rate?
2.  Is there a way to send escape sequences to the synthesizer from
within emacspeak?
Thanks for any help.

Larry Bagget

P.S.  The reason I am asking this is that the startup speech rate
for the accent is so fast that it is practicallyu unintelligible.

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