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Clearing the minibuffer in w3

I have begun to learn emacs and especially how to use w3 however I have an
annoying problem:
When I hit ctrl-o to open a new URL in w3 the old url appears in the minibuffer.
Is there ia quick way to clear the contents of the minibuffer, that doesn't
involve backspacing the entire url and hearing ever letter followed by a beep?
I want to clear the minibuffer so I can go to an unrelated url.

On a similar note: does anyone have trouble with www.scifi.com and w3 4.0pre39?
I often have problems with emacs and w3 stopping to respond on certain pages,
and have to kill and restart emacspeak. messy and annoying. Software versions
below. The error scifi.com gives me is:
Variable binding depth exceeds max-specpdl-size

emacs 20.2 emacspeak 9.0, w3 4.0pre39 emacspeak-ss.0.5. 
Before we go upgrade emacs, I've compiled 20.3 from source on another machine,
no luck. http://www.icq.com yields:
Wrong type argument: stringp, nil

Regards, Kerry.
PS: perhapse this is just w3 not handling the filthy html that gets on the web.

Kerry Hoath:
kerry@gotss.ml.org or khoath@lis.net.au
ICQ UIN: 8226547

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