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Re: Clearing the minibuffer in w3

On Fri, 29 Jan 1999, Kerry Hoath wrote:

> I have begun to learn emacs and especially how to use w3 however I have an
> annoying problem:
> When I hit ctrl-o to open a new URL in w3 the old url appears in the minibuffer.
> Is there ia quick way to clear the contents of the minibuffer, that doesn't
> involve backspacing the entire url and hearing ever letter followed by a beep?
> I want to clear the minibuffer so I can go to an unrelated url.

Yes.  Press ctrl-a, then ctrl-k.  Then you can start typing your new URL.

Regarding scifi.com and icq.com, I tried going to scifi.com in Emacs/W3
but not using Emacspeak, and I got the same error.  icq.com gave me no
error.  On scifi.com, it's likely to be broken HTML.  Maybe you should
report the problem to the Emacs/W3 maintainer(s).  Or, if someone can
pinpoint the exact part of the code that is causing a problem, write to
the webmaster.  I suppose the problem on icq.com could also be broken
HTML, but I don't know.

I hope this helps,

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