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Re: Clearing the minibuffer in w3

Another way to think of Emacs and the way one works in this

In the modern wimp interface world, people talk about
"widgets" or "gadgets".
The idea being that when you know how to interact with a
particular widget or gadget you have seen once, you will be
able to carry your knowledge over to other situations where
you encounter the same gadget or widget.
To the uninitiated,  all of the above may appear completely
unrelated and irrelevant to Emacs; but when you think about
Emacs has one very powerful all encompassing all singing all
dancing widget --the text widget --it's called a "buffer".
Once you know how to interact with this widget/gadget you're
all set.
A further refinement of the above perspective is to realize
that specialized emacs modes e.g. a mode for reading email
or a mode for browsing the WWW adds special behavior to the
all-purpose text widget.
>>>>> "Jason" == Jason White <jasonw@ariel.ucs.unimelb.EDU.AU> writes:

    Jason> One way of generalising this is to say that the
    Jason> usual Emacs commands for moving point and editing
    Jason> text work in most situations. This is the
    Jason> advantage of a design in which all of the
    Jason> interaction takes place within an Emacs buffer
    Jason> and certain features are thus available in most
    Jason> contexts.  There is further elaboration of this
    Jason> point in the Emacs FAQ.

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