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Re: Emacspeak 9.0

I'm cc'ing to the emacspeak list so this will get in the archives.

> Well being that I didn't install xwindows it first errored and said that I
> didn't have emacs in the /usr/bin.  Well that is because when you don't
> install xwindows it installs emacs as emacs-nox.  From there it said error
> with dtk_voice.  I just tryed compiling the emacs tgz file and it to
> errors right there could this be a problem with redhat 5.2?

1: either create a symlink called emacs in /usr/bin pointing to
emacs-nox or install the emacs-X11 package (with the attendant XFree86
packages to keep the dependencies satisfied).

2: exactly what error messages are being generated by exactly
which commands?

3: this is most likely not a problem with redhat 5.2--although you
would want to check their errata pages when you think this is or might
be possible.

4: do you have all the programs required by emacspeak installed?


(i append some of my previous post as it contains information you
still want to consider.)

> > the 9.0 source tarball has a bug which ignores the DTK_* environment
> > variable settings.
> > 
> > however, you will want to install X to keep some emacs packages happy
> > as their authors write for an X-aware emacs (which is not the same as
> > an emacs running under X).

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