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Re: Emacspeak 9.0

Could you be more specific about the problems you had with the
emacspeak rpm? (I'm responsible for it and would be happy to fix any
problems with it.)

> first grabbed the emacspeak 9.0 rpm that is on blinux's ftp sight.  It
> erroredsaying that it couldn't load dtk-voices.  So after trying t o
> figure out why that one wasn't working I decided tog o straight to the
> source and I got the emacspeak 9.0 tgz file from the cornell site.  I did
> everything the Makefile said I put the environment varibles to match what
> I wanted which was dtk-exp and port ttyS3 for linux.  I even tested with
> the tcl but that also errored.  In the make it says if that errors then
> its the cable or one of the other 3 possiblities.  None of them seem to be
> the problem.

the 9.0 source tarball has a bug which ignores the DTK_* environment
variable settings.

> My quesiton is do I have to have xwin installed to get emacspeak working?

of course not.

however, you will want to install X to keep some emacs packages happy
as their authors write for an X-aware emacs (which is not the same as
an emacs running under X).

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