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Re: escape sequences

Again I politely repeat RTFM.  you've got the documentation,
you've got the sources --empower yourself.  to answer your
specific question--
 >>>>> "Lawrence" == Lawrence Baggett
<baggett@euclid.Colorado.EDU> writes:

    Lawrence> Raman, Thanks very much for your message.
    Lawrence> However, I don't quite get it.  If I want to
    Lawrence> send the sequence (ESC)R8 to the synthesizer
    Lawrence> (it is an accent), how do I do that?  Do I
Lawrence> send the command emacspeak-zap-dtk and then my
    Lawrence> escape sequence?

Would have cost you less time to try what you guessed
--which happens to be correct-- rather than sending me mail!
Again, empower yourself-- try things-- your computer wont
bite-- nor will it crash given you're running a real OS.

C-e d z -- emacspeak-zap-dtk (think dtk == tts) will prompt
for a string in the minibuffer and send that to the tts
engine via the speech servre --the string is sent as is.
type whatever you want to send in the minibuffer when
prompted.  Type special characters e.g. escape the way you
do in the rest of emacs to get an actual escape char
--i.e. C-q followed by the character.

For your specific example, type
 C-e dz C-q Esc ra

and please dont use the fact that I told you exactly what to
do as an excuse for not reading the relevant material --I
wont do so the next time around!
    Lawrence> Thanks again.  Larry Baggett

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