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Re: Apologies for the garbled message

You too eh? I've experienced a couple of glitches with vm under 20.3
as well - nothing too serious but a little inconvenient. I had no
problems under 20.2 and below. 

The author of VM was waiting for 20.3 to come out and a few of the
changes to emacs to become stabilized before he releases versions for
20.x - its a pretty well maintained package, so I suspect it won't be
too much longer now before we get a release ported to 20.3 which will
be great as I find it the best mailer under emacs/emacspeak. 


T. V. Raman writes:
> I seem to have been bitten by a vm/emacs 20.3 bug which
> ended up garbling my previous message.

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