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Apologies for the garbled message

I seem to have been bitten by a vm/emacs 20.3 bug which
ended up garbling my previous message.


you're right --it's not easy to get things setup to work
effectively on the darkside which is another reason why I've
stayed away from releasing the server code.

Ideally, it would be great to run the tcl server, but the
last time I checked, select was not quite implemented fully
in TCLX for NT.

But at this point with a lot of twiddling I actually have a
common .emacs across my Linux, Solaris and NT environments
--and all the emacs packages I use on UNIX work on NT.

The CYGNUS kit is great --it's getting easier to install
with every release.

However without resources I'm not prepared to support NT for
Emacspeak  --if anything blind computer users who live in
the MS world are used to paying thousands of dollars and
having someone hold their hands for every little bit, and
distributing an open source solution to that world is just a
pointless waste of time.

What's worse, there are a large number of blind users  
who have been too lazy or scared to move to the open source
world of Linux, and would immediately jump on Emacspeak for
W32-- this would add to the support nightmare.

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