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Re: Emacspeak for w32 platforms?

Hi Tim
I was reading your message that had remarks about JAWs in it.
I would still recommend hardware base speech synthesizers which two brands
are multi-language base or at least, i  heard a brand of external speech
synthesizer with four languages with one being english several years back.
But, i would agree with you that JAWs isn't trouble free according to the
messages that i have been reading about it on a few of the blind mailing
I thought that Hinter-joyce was making a version of JAWS for NT v4.0 about
a year back, but i guess that some NT programmer wil have to it him or her
self which would more than likely easier in Linux as you suggest it.
I would like to know is emacspeak recommended to work with the dectalk
internal/pc synthesizers and what level of performance is there with it ?
I use an old amiga 2000 system right now; so, i don't even have a machine
to run emacspeak on, but i hope to have in the near future....
ian macmillan     Markham, ON,CA.

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