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Re: Emacspeak 9.0

On Tue, 9 Feb 1999, Brian Sellden wrote:

> As for it being useful - I'm not very good at these questions.
> It seems to me that unless you are familiar with emacs, a trial run
> with emacspeak might actually scare you off.  Emacs does have
> a fairly steep learning curve.  I think it would be useful
> for those who are technically-minded.

I will also admit to being rather poor at answering such questions as I
have never tried teaching Emacs to a beginner. However I suspect that most
of the learning is associated with configuration of Emacs itself and its
associated Elisp packages, and that if a CD-ROM were supplied with
Emacspeak and MBROLA pre-configured, this might alleviate the burden for
some people, who could learn to become productive with Emacs before
venturing into the details of configuring the software to suit their

I am not sure whether this topic would be better addressed on blinux-list
or elsewhere. All that I can say is that the proposal may have merit under
certain circumstances, but the purpose would probably be better served by
a book on Emacs customisation and configuration, a FAQ or HOWTO document
describing Elisp packages, how and where to obtain them, etc. I am
confident that such resources probably exist.

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