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Re: Emacspeak 9.0

Hi Hans,

It's definately doable.  I believe many distributions use
a live Linux file system on the cd during installation.  One
problem is that not all PCs allow an OS to be booted
from the cd drive.  Again, I think this is why many
Linux distributions come with a boot floppy.

As for it being useful - I'm not very good at these questions.
It seems to me that unless you are familiar with emacs, a trial run
with emacspeak might actually scare you off.  Emacs does have
a fairly steep learning curve.  I think it would be useful
for those who are technically-minded.


>>>>> "Hans" == Hans Zoebelein <hzo@goldfish.cube.net> writes:

  Hans> Ha, good to know. But too late! I think I have suceeded in a
  Hans> nice lock out. Looks like reinstall time.

  Hans> But another thing: I'm thinking about a CD-ROM which contains
  Hans> a live Linux file system and Emacspeak installed ready to go.
  Hans> All available synthesizers thrown in including Mbrola server,
  Hans> Festival and Screader. You only would fire it up as
  Hans> emacspeak.mbrola, emacspeak.dtk .. and so on.

  Hans> This would enable people to try out Linux and Emacspeak
  Hans> without any partitioning work. Stuff which has to be
  Hans> changeable could be put into a c:\linux\etc directory.

  Hans> This CD-ROM could eventualy based on RH 5.2 which seems to
  Hans> have a pretty good hardware recognition.

  Hans> What do you think, would such a release be a) doable and b)
  Hans> useful?

  Hans> Prize would be as usual about 7 USD with shipment _included_
  Hans> (BTW, is there another one using the brand name Cheap Bytes?
  Hans> :)

  Hans> Enjoy! Hans

  Hans> On Mon, 8 Feb 1999, Brian Sellden wrote:

  >> Hi Hans -
  >> You said: > If you don't want X enhancements (but it runs in the
  >> Xterminal window > too!), then you'll grab emacs-nox-20.... Size
  >> difference between > emacs-X11-20 and emacs-nox-20 is about 100k
  >> (compressed).
  >> Let me echo other warnings about the no-x version of emacs. Many
  >> people have had trouble using it with emacspeak. When it fails,
  >> it isn't just hard to use, it becomes unusable. You'll get
  >> totally locked out. Use the no-x version at your own risk.
  >> Regards,
  >> Brian.

   Brian L. Sellden - brian@henge.com, http://www.henge.com/~brian
		     Just another hack at Gateway
	      User of Emacspeak 8.0,  making Unix talk.
	      What on earth would a man do with himself
		if something did not stand in his way?
		-- H.G. Wells

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