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log of a learning curve 02/14/99

Hi all,

when I first started this venture into Linux and I was looking into it, I
wrote to Raman directly.  In my letter I told him and I would keep a sort
of log of my doings because I am a newbie, and I am not a programmer.  I
was concerned with the increasing amount of interest in Open Source
Software, and it's wonderful ability to fill a need.  So I said, "Would you
like me to write a sort of log of how it is to learn Emacspeak and Emacs as
a layman/newbie?

His response was, send it to the list.  So, here I am, guys,   I don't know
if this log will be helpful, but I'm going to make periodic posts just to
let you programmers know what it's like for me.

First of all, let me say that my system hasn't been completely configured.
I'm using Red Hat.  I have Telnet and I have the dialer configured, but
nothing else yet.  I'm able to log into the Text Based Virtual Reality I
run and talk to my friend in KS who is helping me to learn this new system.
 So I talk to him in one buffer and try to access info and stuff in the other.

Reactions to the speech initially, it's wonderful!  I like it's
responsiveness and the way you can use the arrow keys instead of the
keyboard commends.  that was a help.

I am finding that I have got to start keeping records of these commands
because I can not remember them.  I also am discovering that using the c-h
command isn't as simple as it sounds.  When I press c-h and follow it with
say an A, nothing happens, I have to switch buffers in order to read the
screen.  Now, this is fine, if you remember how, but what if you don't?

One nice thing about some DOS programs was that they had a status line at
the top or bottom that told you what to do.  For example, I got into the
Info system last night, but found that I could neither exit the buffer nor
could I move "up" in the tree of info.  I gould move down, and the links
that were spoken in the different moice were *so* helpful, it was
phenominal!  But I was lost in space, sor of.  If I could just figure out
how to use the help system, I'd be a great deal further along.

One other small problem I have is, I'd like to find out how to echo
keystrokes as words instead of as letters.

This is where I am, folks, this is a real life saga.  <grin>  If it's
boring to you programmers, or to you oldies, just skip this whole thread.

Ann P.

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