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Hi all,

Jim MOO, Multi-User Object Oriented programming is not too different from
MUDD but it is improved.  The advantages of using such an environment
beyond the obvious one that typing what you want to say when someone types
to you, is that you can create objects within this environment that are
interactive.  Yes, there are rooms and exits as in a game, but image a
classroom where you have a blackboard that you can write on, or a robot who
will tell you about the middle ages if you type the right keyword. You can
do things like posting poetry or stories.  You can create coffee pots that
emit a message every so often to tell you you're drinking it.  You can view
web pages that are text based and you can show these pages to others in the
same "room".

This is quite different from the virtual reality that involves putting on
goggles and gloves and so on to have a sensory experience.  MOO is text
based virtual reality.  Everything is in text.  It's a database really.
MOO is a combination of C and LISP.  So should be quite understandible to
this crowd.  Anyone wishing to try out Matt's MOO client can do that or if
you just want to come without it, you can telnet to:

health.acor.org port-8888

Ann P.
At 03:44 PM 2/14/99 -0700, Jim Rebman wrote:
>Can you (or anybody) explain what is the difference between MOO and any
>other "chat" application?  In other words, how does this get classified as
>VR -- The "virtual reality" of the dungeons and dragons" set seems to me to
>be quite different then the kind of immersion VR that I think of when I
>hear the term.
>-- Jim
>James A. Rebman
>Technology - Enhanced Learning Laboratory
>University of Colorado, Boulder
>College of Engineering and Applied Science
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