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Log of a newbie /2/16/99

Hi all,

<smile> Now it's a good thing that I'm doing this because I really
*am* a little thick.  I have spent the last hour going through various
topics in the Info menus.  Here's what I found out.  I found out that
there is a ton of info, but sorting it to obtain what I want is not

A note about the help system.  Maybe I'm thick, but when I type c-h
and follow it with a term to search for, I get plunked down in that
blasted History again!  IMHO, what should happen when I type c-h is
that I get into a window that lists the help that I have asked for.
Apparently, one has to type another command before the help windowwill
display.  Now, I know you are all saying, "Why can't this dame figure
out what the Hell she's doing?"  

Part of the reason I can't is that I'm confused about context help and
regular help.  Is context help for just emacspeak?  And please, don't
flame me, but I really need to know how to make the dingdong help
window show up so I can read it.  If I could do that I wouldn't bother
you all so much.

Again, I keep stressing this, this is the kind of problem you will
encounter with others who are not programmers.  You need to understand
this before writing any type of tutorial.

Another thing that is confusing me is that I can save files, but I
want to "close the window" before going on to the next task.  Do I
just leave the buffer open?  Does it close when I type c-x 1 when I'm
in the next task, and what if I have four tasks running and I only
want to "close off" one of the four?  this is for files, not
applications where you type 'q' to quit.

Again, I think we are dealing with language problems here.  I want to
(exit the file, not the editor, (DOS terminology), Or:  I want to
(close the window but not shut down windows, Win95 speak).  I don't
have a Linux equivalent.  Que-ce que savez dire la?  for those who
don't speak French or can't understand my poor spelling:  "How do you
say that?"

In midst of language conversion difficulties,
Ann P.

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