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Re: confused

The  emacspeak-9.0-2.noarch.rpm package has a bug which prevents Emacspeak
from starting. To correct the bug you have to change a line in a script

Please change the 7th line in /usr/bin/emacspeak from

if [ $1 != "-q" ] ; then INITFILE=...


if [ "$1" != "-q" ] ; then INITFILE=...

After adding the "" to $1, the script should start OK.

If you have installed the Mbrola server for speech output through your
sound card 
you'll get a file '/usr/bin/emacspeak.mbr'. 
If you now start Emacspeak through invoking emacspeak.mbr, Emacspeak will
use the Mbrola speech synthesizer by default.


blinux == http://www.hzo.cubenet.de/blinux/
ios++  == http://www.leb.net/hzo/ioscount/

On Wed, 24 Feb 1999, Ann K. Parsons wrote:

> Hi all,
> I'm confused.  I bought the latest version of Red Hat the other day.  My
> two friends and I stayed up till midnight last night configuring it.
> I am confused about one thing.  In all the advertisements for Emacspeak it
> says that it is included with the Red Hat software that is sold
> commercially, or at least that is what I understand.  We couldn't find
> Emacspeak on any of the CD's that I had, there are three of them, and when
> we downloaded Emacspeak and ran it, we got an error, something about
> nonmatching or insufficient arguments.  You'll have to ask Matt about the
> error itself.  But if Emacspeak is bundled with Emacs on the CD, then,
> where was it or is it?  I'm totally confused.  Please answer me privately
> as so as not to tie up the list.  Thanks.
> Ann P.
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