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Hi all,

I'm confused.  I bought the latest version of Red Hat the other day.  My
two friends and I stayed up till midnight last night configuring it.

I am confused about one thing.  In all the advertisements for Emacspeak it
says that it is included with the Red Hat software that is sold
commercially, or at least that is what I understand.  We couldn't find
Emacspeak on any of the CD's that I had, there are three of them, and when
we downloaded Emacspeak and ran it, we got an error, something about
nonmatching or insufficient arguments.  You'll have to ask Matt about the
error itself.  But if Emacspeak is bundled with Emacs on the CD, then,
where was it or is it?  I'm totally confused.  Please answer me privately
as so as not to tie up the list.  Thanks.

Ann P.

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