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Re: confused

Ann K. Parsons writes:

>I am confused about one thing.  In all the advertisements for
>Emacspeak it says that it is included with the Red Hat software that
>is sold commercially, or at least that is what I understand.  We
>couldn't find Emacspeak on any of the CD's that I had... if Emacspeak
>is bundled with Emacs on the CD, then, where was it or is it?

The official Red Hat distribution contains only packages (.rpm files)
made by the company.  Lots of other people make packages that their
package manager can install, though.  Some of those are uploaded to
the Red Hat site and can be found in the "contrib" section of Red Hat
CD's.  Other .rpms are found elsewhere on the net, like the blinux ftp

(On the other hand, the Debian packages of emacspeak software are in
the main Debian distribution.)

				- Jim Van Zandt

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