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w3 help, please

>>>>> "Ann" == Ann K Parsons <akp@eznet.net> writes:

    Ann> Hi all, <smile> Yep, ye old mountainmen, I've read
    Ann> the docs.  Already done did that.  So, now, I need

Once again, let me repeat --you need a change of attitude.
Each time you show up with the attitude of
"the documentation is non-existent"
"the documentation is bad"
"the documentation makes no sense "
I feel less inclined to help.

Did you read the W3 info documentation?

Many many times, I've suggested you use C-h m
C-h w (where-is)
and friends --
yet you seem to insist on using C-h a (apropos) which I've
said many times now is not for the beginner.

To answer your question about hotlists, just go ahead and
read the documentation that shows up with C-h m 
in a w3 buffer.

Then do a C-h b to see a list of all available key
To get a detailed description of what a key does use C-h k.

    Ann> some human explanation.
You mean the rest of what you read was written for dogs?

    Ann> I love w3!  I haven't spent so much time surfing
    Ann> the net, ever!  I love it!  It reads everything.

    Ann> My question is, I want to begin a hotlist. I don't
    Ann> know how. I can't figure out how to add to the
    Ann> hotlist and then how to access it.  I've read the
    Ann> docs and I've looked at the appripos help, and it's
    Ann> clear as mud.  Help!

    Ann> Ann P.

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