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w3 help, please


Apologies for sounding harsh earlier --that was not my
intent.  Your message just came across negatively and I as
usual over-reacted.

W3 like emacspeak is built in Bill Perry's spare time--
and it's easy to use when you're used to the emacs way of
However, like Emacspeak it too lacks a hands-on step by step

In general, here are some tips on how to go about
discovering things in Emacs:

Note that what I describe below can be used to discover
things about all Emacs tools,
including VM, BBDB, GNUS ...

1) Note that all Emacs commands have long descriptive names.

2) Note that Emacs offers you completion at *all* times.

3) Emacspeak helps out by speaking the completions to you
when they are displayed 
--if the list is very long, you can switch to the
*Completions* buffer 
(easiest way to do this is to use command other-window
--usually bound to C-x o)
and use the left and right cursor keys to move through the
available choices
When you hear the choice you want, hit enter in the
*Completions* buffer to pick that choice.

So using (1) and (2) above here is one way of "discovering"
what you want--

Hit C-h w (runs command where-is)
when prompted type w3- and hit tab --you will get a very
long list of available completions.
In this case, you are looking for hotlist related things, so
go ahead and type 
w3-hot when prompted after typing C-h w --you will get a
somewhat shorter list.
Note that the names of the commands make it obvious as to
what they do, if something sounds interesting use C-h k  to
learn more about that command key.

So here is a log of the above interaction in my current

I just typed C-h a 
typed  w3-hot  tab 
when prompted and got a somewhat long list --
I then typed 'l' and hit tab again 
to prune the list to commands beginning with w3-hotlist 
--I then typed 'ad' and hit tab again to hear 

w3-hotlist-add-document is on  h i ,  menu-bar
w3-menu-fsfemacs-bookmark-menu Add Bookmark 

I then typed C-h k and pressed hi
to get the following 
 h i  runs the command w3-hotlist-add-document
   which is an interactive compiled Lisp function in `w3-hot'.
(w3-hotlist-add-document PREF-ARG &optional THE-TITLE THE-URL)

Add this documents url to the hotlist

Best Regards,

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