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W3-- Info section on hotlist

And  note that W3's online info documentation does have a
section on using hotlists 

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Hotlist Handling

   Emacs/W3 supports two types of hotlist, mosaic hotlists and HTML as
used by lynx and netscape (which both call hotlists bookmarks).
Unfortunately, not all hotlist operations are supported for HTML files
at the moment.

   In order to avoid having to traverse many documents to get to the
same document over and over, Emacs/W3 supports a "hotlist" like Mosaic.
This is a file that contains URLs and aliases.  Hotlists allow quick
access to any document in the Web, providing it has been visited and
added to the hotlist.  The variable `w3-hotlist-file' determines where
this information is saved.  The structure of the file is compatible
with Mosaic's hotlist file, so this defaults to

   Hotlist commands are:
     Shows the hotlist entries matching a regular expression.

     Adds the current document to the hotlist, with the buffer name as
     its identifier.  Modifies the file specified by `w3-hotlist-file'.
     If this is given a prefix-argument (via `C-u'), the title is
     prompted for instead of automatically defaulting to the document

     Prompts for the alias of the entry to kill.  Pressing the spacebar
     or tab will list out partial completions.  The internal
     representation of the hotlist and the file specified by
     `w3-hotlist-file' are updated.

     Some hotlist item names can be very unwieldy (`Mosaic for X level
     2 fill out form support'), or uninformative (`Index of /').
     Prompts for the item to rename in the minibuffer--use the spacebar
     or tab key for completion.  After having chosen an item to rename,
     prompts for a new title until a unique title is entered.  Modifies
     the file specified by `w3-hotlist-file'.

     Prompts for the alias to jump to.  Pressing the <spacebar> or
     <tab> key shows partial completions.

     Converts the hotlist into HTML and displays it.

     Appends another hotlist file to the one currently in memory.

     Add the document pointed to by the hyperlink under point to the

     This rereads the default hostlist file specified by

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