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Re: Info/eval for Jamal

I agree with everything Ann said.  I do want to point out though. 

In my own case I use Emacspeak with my laptop when I am on the go.  I use
Dos networked together with my laptop when I am at home.  As I said I
agree that everything is easier to do with Emacspeak compared to windows.
I do not agree that everything is easier to do when compared to using a
normal screen reader (ASAP ) for dos.  

When I am home I find emacspeak to slow to use.  Many wills ay that is an
incorrect statement if you do find that offensive then I will ask you to
try something if youown two computers and the ASAP screen reading program.
I have actually ran emacspeak by telneting into emy laptop from my dos
machine I had emacspeak in one ear and ASAP in the other both operating on
the same task.  

Emacspeak constrains you to what it thinks you want to see while the old
systems allows you to see all you have set it to see.  Emacspeak does a
great and fast job at anything to do with editing and I love it for
editing and small system chores.  When it comes to tasks like changing my
network settings because we moved isp's I found my Dos box telneted in is
a much faster easier to use solution.  I have also found Pine with a dos
box telneted into Linux is a much easier and faster program to use for
email and it supports attachments right out of the box with out having to
grab vm.

I have also found Lynx to be a very good web browser.  I am still trying
to get the emacs one to work so I can't compare them both yet.  I have
found tasks that are ugly to do in Emacspeak and I have never got a
response on how to do them from Emacspeaks writer or from all the users
that are on this list with out learning Lisp.  I have a class on
Artificial Intelegnece and Concepts of Formal languages next Semester and
both are forcing me to learn lisp so maybe I can help accomplish these
tasks but as for now I am not satisfied with using the term pachages for
tasks that I need to do.

I will not leave that statement unqualified.  If you are to telnet into my
internet server which is part of my home business and important to its
success.  At valhalla.com 4242 you will find that you hear way to much
there is no way that I have found to turn off the ANSI colors from coming
in as escape sequences.  It is also very hard if not impossible to make
the punctuation work as it should as you are usign the game.  Everyone
knows we do not talk with punctuation but on this game if people talk to
you you hear something like

bill says comma ticsingle quote how is it going question single quote

This is bad and I have found no way of turnning it off in the telnet
clinet or the rmoo client which I have not found a way to turn off the
escape sequences in.

All of these tasks work perfectly with a dos telnet program  and a dos
screen reader and there is no "lag time" between commands and reactions on
line like there are in emacspeak.  I realize that emacspeak is hundreds
times better than all the windows applications I have used and I own JFW
for the NT version that cost 1499$ and Emacspeak beats it.  It however
doesn't give the same respnse time or ease in getting around as my DOS
terminal does.

Maybe when I learn lisp I can help witht he problems of remote telnets and
escape sequences etc.. but I will not be able to help with the respnse
time in emacspeak which can only be noticed by running a dos screen reader
concurrently with emacspeak.  I will note at this time because many will
say that the dos screen readers don't have the same power as emacspeak.
That is in some cases correct.  In those cases I am totally willing to use
emacspeak witht he reduction of speed but In over half the applications I
use those super nice features of Emacs are not necessary and Using a dos
screen reader is both faster and easier even if I do have to use two

Ken /whistler

On Wed, 5 May 1999, Ann K. Parsons wrote:

> Hi Jamal,
> It is hard to be objective about something which has enabled one to
> navigate through the Internet with ease and competence and speed,
> however I will try.
> First of all, let me talk about speed.  I have been able to go through
> mail, answer, forward, and resend and attach files in half the time it
> took me in Windows.
> Second let me talk about ease of navigation.  I have been able to
> access web pages which were closed to me.  I am able to fill out many
> forms on the web, and I am able to read frames and tables with ease.
> Third, In editing and reviewing text, Emacspeak is comparable if not
> superior to other speech systems, mainly because it uses auditory and
> not visual cues to help a person navigate through text.  As an
> example, I used to have a devil of a time forwarding messages to a
> listserve in order to get the sender approved.  I don't have to do
> that any more.  There are four places in the message where there is
> either a greater-than sign or a line of dashes.  These are demarkated
> by a beep from my computer.  All I need to do is go down to the line
> under the forth beep.  A sighted person sees the line of dashes and
> puts the cursor where it belongs.
> when I read students' papers, I can tell if they've indented their
> paragraphs and I can tell about capatalization too.  
> Frankly, the best part about Linux and Emacspeak is that I can truly
> multitask without the fear that something's going to crash.  That is
> peace of mind.  *That* is priceless.  Frankly, Jamal, after spending
> hundreds and hundreds of dollars on an unstable, bug ridden operating
> system, I can't be objective when I see the vast improvement in my
> productivity.  It's just that simple.
> Ann P.
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