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Info/eval for Jamal

Hi Jamal,

It is hard to be objective about something which has enabled one to
navigate through the Internet with ease and competence and speed,
however I will try.

First of all, let me talk about speed.  I have been able to go through
mail, answer, forward, and resend and attach files in half the time it
took me in Windows.

Second let me talk about ease of navigation.  I have been able to
access web pages which were closed to me.  I am able to fill out many
forms on the web, and I am able to read frames and tables with ease.

Third, In editing and reviewing text, Emacspeak is comparable if not
superior to other speech systems, mainly because it uses auditory and
not visual cues to help a person navigate through text.  As an
example, I used to have a devil of a time forwarding messages to a
listserve in order to get the sender approved.  I don't have to do
that any more.  There are four places in the message where there is
either a greater-than sign or a line of dashes.  These are demarkated
by a beep from my computer.  All I need to do is go down to the line
under the forth beep.  A sighted person sees the line of dashes and
puts the cursor where it belongs.

when I read students' papers, I can tell if they've indented their
paragraphs and I can tell about capatalization too.  

Frankly, the best part about Linux and Emacspeak is that I can truly
multitask without the fear that something's going to crash.  That is
peace of mind.  *That* is priceless.  Frankly, Jamal, after spending
hundreds and hundreds of dollars on an unstable, bug ridden operating
system, I can't be objective when I see the vast improvement in my
productivity.  It's just that simple.

Ann P.

Ann K. Parsons:  email:  akp@eznet.net
web site:  http://home.eznet.net/~akp
MICQ Number:  33006854
"All that is gold does not glitter.  Not all those who wander are lost."  JRRT

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