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Emacspeak and xemacs, again

Several months back, I emailed the list about my attempts to get
emacspeak working under xemacs.

I recently attempted this with emacspeak 10.0, and had some
success. While I have managed to launch emacspeak and receive speech,
the only items which are spoken are keypresses. If I type, whatever I
type is read, but if I use C-e d r to set the rate, the prompt for
setting the rate isn't spoken.

I launched xemacs with the -nw option in a terminal buffer to examine
the screen layout, and it would appear that xemacs lacks a *Messages*
buffer. Is this normal, or is my version of xemacs wierdly
misconfigured? Is the lack of a *Messages* buffer the probable cause
for no spoken output to prompts, as I am currently suspecting?


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