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Re: Emacspeak and PINE


I think your better off approaching this problem from a different
perspective. Trying to get pine to work with emacspeak is never going
to be terribly successful - certainly a lot less successful than using
an emacs mail reading package on your local system. Trying to run a
terminal based application under an eterm with emacspeak hobbles
emacspeak and basically turns it into a pretty clumsey dumb
screen reader, 

My suggestions are -
   1. Eliminate the remote element. Use fetchmail and retrieve your
mail from the remote host and handle it with a local mail agent - even
pine if you HAVE to. 
   2. Install and configure the vm mail package for emacs. This has
good support under emacspeak and is relatively easy to configure for a
specific mime type. 
   3. Search the archives for Raman's example vm configuration
files. Raman posted copies of his vm config files to this list a few
months ago. They have examples of how to configure vm to handle
certain mime types etc. You should be able to find them in the mail
archives. Once you see an example, you should be able to work out how
to configure vm to handle whatever mime type your attachments are in. 

You didn't mention what type of attachments you needed to decode. If
pine can decode them successfully, there should be no problem
configuring vm to do the same. This is essentially the setup I use. I
have no problem decoding attachments in pdf, word doc and 
postscript (though there can be some problems with some formats, but
this is more to do with character sets, graphics etc and would happen
under pine or any other terminal based display/formatting as well). 

Lawrence Baggett writes:
> Can someone please provide some help for me?
> I am running emacspeak10.0 on my PC;
> I use m-x term and then telnet to a main frame
> that is running unix;
> I can do everything just fine on that main frame except for the mail 
> program pine.  In pine,
> I don't get spoken output, and I can't seem to use the arrow keys to
> move around the screen to find out what the options are.
> I hate pine anyway and am only forced to use
> it because people send me encoded attachments that I only seem to be
> able to decode using pine.
> An alternate way for decoding such attachments would be a solution I
> like just fine.
> Thanks for your help.
> Larry Baggett
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