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Re: W3 4.0pre.39 and partial color settings


This is also fixed in w3-4.0pre.43 which I found at
alpha.gnu.org:gnu/w3.tar.gz.  BTW, I found out about this from this list.

>>>>> "MC" == Matthew Campbell <mattcamp@feist.com> writes:

MC> On some Web pages, the author sets the background color but not the
MC> text color.  In W3 4.0pre.39, if the user has not set a default text
MC> color, this causes an error.  For people who rely on the speech output 
MC> and can't see the colors anyway, a suitable fix for this problem is to 
MC> add this line to your .emacs file:

MC> (setq w3-user-colors-take-precedence t)

MC> I hope this helps.  Thanks to Ann Parsons for bringing this problem to 
MC> my attention.

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