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Tetris tips?

I've been spending way too much time away from my computer with my new
job, so I'm trying to relieve stress. :) Basically, I've never really
experimented much with Tetris, so I thought I'd try.

First of all, what do the various rotations mean? If I have a block at
rotation 3, what does that mean? Is each "rotation" just one 90-degree
turn, and do I merely need to associate the number with the angle?

Also, when I try moving the piece left and/or right, I often hear
something like "1 1". What does this mean? I thought I'd hear
something like a row number, is that what that's supposed to be? Right
now, for example, I'm just hearing 7. I can move the piece many times,
but I just hear 7 repeatedly. This is using emacspeak 10.0 and emacs
20.3, if that helps. I wonder if my version of tetris.el is outdated
or something like that?

Also, has anyone tried this and been successful? Can anyone share any
tips with me?

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