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question aboutdtk-character-to-speech-table in dtk-speak.el

[*] is a morpheme boundary and is there for a reason.
If the doubletalk doesn't handle morpheme boundaries, then
the doubletalk server should be stripping it out.
>>>>> "Matthew" == Matthew Campbell <mattcamp@feist.com> writes:

    Matthew> In the dtk-character-to-speech-tablevariable in
    Matthew> dtk-speak.el, several of the strings to be
    Matthew> spoken include an asterisk enclosed in
    Matthew> brackets.  Why are there present?  Are they
    Matthew> special to the DECtalk or the DECtalk Express
    Matthew> speech server?  They're actually spoken by the
    Matthew> DoubleTalk, for example when I type a question
    Matthew> mark and then backspace.  This isn't that
    Matthew> important, but I would like to know why these
    Matthew> characters are present.

    Matthew> Thanks, Matt

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