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how to learn emacspeak

Hello everyone:
I am new linux user. I have read qrthe emacs tutorial, and emacspeak
However those two documents did not really help me to get well aquinted
with emacspeak.
For instance I don't know how to use emacspeak with www. I know that there
is something called w3 from reading the Emacspeak FAQ, but I don't know
how to get in to it. I wouold apppriciate if someone could advice me how
to go about mastering the emacspeak. I tried to get in to emacs help but
when I pressed control h, my screen was b lank or the speech didn't say
anything. I am presently using emacspeak 9.0 and connecting to the remote
computer threw minicom.
I will appriciate your advice.
Please address it to my e-mail address, so as not to bother other people
on this list.
my e-mmail address is:
Thank you.
Zdenek Vopat

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