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New Emacspeak User

Greetings all,

This is just a quick note to express my appreciation for the work that has
gone into the development of Emacspeak and Aster.  I appreciate the large
amount of volunteer time that must go into the creation and maintenance of
such a system, and wished to publicly express my thanks. 

The installation of the two applications has not gone smoothly here at the
Florida State University (FSU) Supercomputer Computations Research
Institute (SCRI), and I acknowledge that Dr. Raman has been quizzed
repeatedly by the folks here working on the installation -- probably to the
point of not wanting to here anything else about it.  I am personally a
Physics student, familiar with the MS-DOS / MS-Windows environment, BASIC,
and Fortran77; but having never before encountered UNIX, local area
networks, Emacs, and their associated  peripherals.  Thus, I am (for the
time being), dependent upon the expertise of the local systems folks to get
the systems up and running correctly.  At the moment, Emacspeak is
functioning correctly, and Aster will at least partially load, and I am
patient about working out the remaining problems.  The lesson to be learned
here is that I shall need to learn enough so as to be able to perform, or
at least supervise, the installation of these applications onto the next
network that I will be working on.  

At the least, however, I did want to express my thanks to those that have
made these programs possible and available -- without cost.  This is
especially noteworthy in a time when it is increasingly expensive to obtain
the adaptive equipment / software necessary to keep pace with, and gain
access to, the tools used by the business and academic community.  

Thank you for your efforts,


James Richardson
Tallahassee, Florida

Operations Manager / Radiometeor Project Coordinator
American Meteor Society (AMS)

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