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emacspeak + SAPI4.0 on win32

I've got emacspeak10.0 limping along on NT4.0 and Win98 using Emacs 20.3.1 
and the Microsoft Speech SDK 4.0. I've never used or heard emacspeak before 
so I have no idea how what I am hearing compares to the *real* thing.

I have 2 questions:

1) If I configure emacspeak10.0 as shipped and try to run it, emacs 
complains that emacspeak-resource-directory is void. I see the defvar in 
emacspeak-setup.el but the complaint happens down in the load of 
emacspeak-pronounce.el that happens as a result of loading emacspeak.el 
several lines up in emacspeak-setup.el. I moved the defvar up in 
emacspeak-setup.el and that appears to fix it. Is this some subtle bug in 
NTemacs or did I do something else wrong?

2) Is there a document that interprets all the dectalk commands? I'm trying 
to puzzle out the meaning of the various sequences that get inserted into 
text strings. I'm guessing these are commands for dectalk. Perhaps they are 
tcl commands instead? I'm not using tcl at all in my implementation, 
emacspeak talks directly to my little app which interfaces to the SAPI. I'm 
trying to understand, for example, what was supposed to happen as a result 
of this string:

pound  [:np  :dv pr 200 hr  30 sr 50 as 100 qu 100]ifndef [:np ]    S[*] 
T[*] [:np  :dv pr 200 hr  30 sr 50 as 100 qu 100]R_H [:np ]

currently it reads all the bracketed text to me, which clearly isn't what 
is desired.

Thanks for any help.

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