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Re: DoubleTalk LT doesn't pronounce whole lines of text


Not sure if this will help, but the setserial command can be used to
set many aspects of the serial devices. (e.g. baud, speed, etc) and
the stty command can be used to set the type of flow control
(xon/xoff, cts/rts etc). It is possible your serial port is either not
using the correct type of flow control or is receiving data too fast
which is overflowing the ports buffers etc (you may need to drop the
speed that data is written to the serial port or increase the speed
data is written from the port to the doubltalk device). At any rate, these two
commands should be able to let you tweak these settings. There is also
a serial howto which might give you some insight (see your closest
linux documentation project mirror site for the latest version)

Victor Tsaran writes:
> Hello, listers! I believe this list has gotten close enough to answering
> this question of mine, but not close enough to actually answer it.
> I recently started to play with Emacspeak10.0. Well, the most annoying
> thing I have encountered so far was that my DOubleTalk LT speech synth,
> ROM version 5.20, doesn't speak whole lines correctly.
> Here is the example and some proposed explanation.
> Say, this is a long line.
> I am writing this long line to demonstrate DoubleTalk's inability to speak
> DoubleTalk might cut this and pronounce as:
> I am writing this t lbeTalk's inability to speak.
> Or any kind of similar variation.
> Here is how this problem was solved with WIndow-eyes and their DoubleTalk
> driver. In WIndows' system properties, one had to go to Com-xxx
> properties, then pick "port settings", then click on "advanced" and then
> manipulate with FIFO buffers. The transmit buffers should have set to the
> lower value, while receive buffers could stay at the default value. This
> certainly fixed the problem. It seems as though DoubleTalk LT cannot
> handle fast buffers.
> How can I do the same under Linux?
> Or do any of you have a solution as to why DOubleTalk does that?
> I would appreciate any input,
> Regards,
> Victor
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