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Gud and other things.

I have to finally post and say to those who are interested I found out how
to access GDB successfully with Emacspeak after  talking with some people
who know emacs a heck of a lot better than I do if you are a coder using
Emacspeak and need information  on how to use the debugging tools in emacs
look up gud in the info pages for eitehr emacs or emacspeak.  Who would
have guessed that it would be under something like that.

I am wondering if anyone out there has gott he m-x telnet program to work
more interactively.  Please do not write and say I should be uxing xterm
or eterm or term or rlogin or any of those things the only thing that
works for me for what I want to do is the m-x telnet I need to know if
there is a way to make it speak interactively.  I have looked at the
emacspeak documentation and help and while it has some commands to read
buffers interactively it doesn't seem to work the way I think it should.
Maybe my concepts are all of but what I want is it to anounce any changes
that happen in my telnet buffer it wouldhelp if you Ranman would answer
this one because it doesn't seem that my ideas on the concept of
interactive buffer is the same as yours.  What exactly does "read buffer
interactively" mean.  If you think I should read the documents as you
pointed out to this poor guy with W3 please point out where i need to look
as you will see in my previous paragraph the documents don't help much
unless you know what key word to search for since not  many people
including myself are going to sit and read a technical manual through and
through.  I want the meat not the potatos and rice.

Ken /whistler

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