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Re: NT emacspeak progress and request for help

You hit the nail on the head. Monotone is one of the few modifiers that is 
implemented by the free MS speech engines. So paul is mike, and 
paul-monotone, is mike with the monotone modifier. betty is mary. I don't 
know what to do with paul-animated and paul-bold, etc. I can change the 
pitch but changing pitch-range (though supported by SAPI) doesn't appear to 
work with the free engines. Right now, paul-animated is just paul with the 
pitch raised a bit.

Not knowing how they sound and having limited imagination makes it tough....

At 01:31 PM 7/27/99 -0700, T. V. Raman wrote:
>Wow-- this is great news.
>I'll soon volunteer to try it out.
>A hint on the various voices
>if using MS SAPI, use Mike for Paul --that is their generic
>male --they also have a generic female.
>voices like paul-monotone are variations on the standard
>voice --for example, paul-monotone is paul with a very flat
>pitch range --makes him sound boring --and emacspeak uses
>this consistently for things that would be set in a
>monospace typewriter font.
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