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emacspeak on FreeBSD

Hello listers,

  I'm running FreeBSD 3.2-stable at home.
When I tried to install emacspeak-10.0 on it, I got some errors. The
problems may be related to some utilities: FreeBSD doesn't have GNU
install, GNU sed, GNU make in it's standard install.
I have managed to install emacspeak by hand, but it is not out-of-box.
Is there anyone who use emacspeak on FreeBSD and made `ports' for it?
I couldn't find emacspeak `ports' in FreeBSD ports tree.
If no one does it, is it permitted when I make ports and distribute it
with FreeBSD ports tree?

Best Regards

                   Koichi Inoue
                    Software Research Center, Ricoh Co. Ltd.
                   e-mail: kinoue@ic.rdc.ricoh.co.jp

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